27 June 2007

Blair To Be The New Middle East Envoy

Who's plan is this? Got to be a Bush/Cheney/ Rove thing! Why would he be a good ME envoy?

The quartet gathering came a day after the Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders held a summit in a unified stance against Hamas and its stunning takeover of the Gaza Strip. Monday's summit at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea was meant to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Western-backed Fatah party was severely weakened by the Hamas victory. The Hamas takeover has left the Palestinians with two governments: Abbas' new Cabinet based in the West Bank, and the Hamas rulers of Gaza, who are internationally isolated.

Is this an attempt to try and find peace? Or is it just a pay off for all his "blind" support of the Bush game. Since Blair is a Bush mouthpiece, why would he be an asset in a region that Bush has f*cked up?



your kid said...

this ploy is so the Bush administration can continue it's agenda through Blair.

CHUQ said...

did you see that Bush will also name a special envoy to Islamic countriues? Better late than never! BS this should have been done 25 yrs ago and then we might not need Blair.

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