18 June 2007


The latest polls show Hillary double digits ahead of Obama. And Mitt is killing 'em in Iowa. Well let us look at these turns of fortune.

Repubs are jerking off in the corner at this news about Clinton they want to run against her in the election. They feel she is beatable. Of course, it is so early in the process that it is open to interruptation.

Mitt on a personal note, to me he looks like game show host, when he is talking I keep waiting for him to yell out, "And the survey says". That aside he seems to be doing a helluva job with his campaign. But my question now is, When will they begin to really attack his Mormonism? Up to now it has been very little with little substance, but I look for it to become sticky, at best.

Personally. I do not support either one. Why? Thyey are too dependent on the political establishment. I am looking for a third way. At Unity08, I have offered the ticket of Hagel/Clark. That ticket I like because of the various experiences in several fields. It is a good ticket.



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