07 June 2007

Turks Invade Iraq

This is a follow up to my post of a couple of days ago. The news now is that a limited incursion of Turkish troops have entered into N. Iraq. Probably a special ops mission before the big bang. But at the same time Washington, Iraq and Turkey say they have not entered into Iraq. There are reports from Europe that say thus is a falsehood. Now it comes down to whether you believe Washington, I mean they have been so truthful with the facts in the past, or you believe the other reports.

The US media is still fairly silent on this occurrance, so I tend to believe it is happening the way it is reported from other sources.

Answer me this, if you can:

1--Why did the US troops pull out of N. Iraq last week? Good security? He asked as the car bomb goes off.

2--Why no news coverage?

3--What about the friends of the US, the Kurds?



tumbleweed said...

Everyone is keeping a lid on this because Washington is so incompetent they don't have a clue on what to do about.Useless foreign policy continues to prevail.

CHUQ said...

I think that the lid is on because Washington is allow it to happen.

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