04 June 2007

Democratic Debate--NH Version

Let me begin with--the debate was about as exciting as watching grass grow. The first thing I noticed was the "mutual admiration" society on the stage. Everyone going out of their way to say something polite about their counterparts--that was a yawn!

Now to the grits and the gravy

Hillary--was a rehash of sound bytes

Obama--unimpressive and stiff

Edwards--Held his own on Iraq, healthcare, etc. But he is an oxymoron--a personal injury lawyer that talks about honesty.

Biden--A bit confrontational and told the audience some hard cold facts.

Kucinich--Tried but he could not do it. Trying to find a hook to get in the top tier.

Dodd, Gravel, Richardson--were there! No more can be said than that.

Depending on who you support on who the winner was, but since I am not a democrat I will give my opinion.

Biden won the debate! He gave his positions and defended them with skill.

Edwards was a close second--he made his points and moved on. The healthcare exchange was about the best of the night.

It is a shame that people have probably nade up their minds who they will support and the others will be ignored.



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