02 June 2007

The Russians Are Coming!

Awhile back Georgey boy "looked into Putin's soul and saw a friend". Ooops! Could he have been mistakened? Not our Pres. (sarcasm intended) Today Putin compared the US to Nazi Germany. Does that sound familiar?

The Cold War arms race is about to heat up. The US has spent $23 billion on a missile system and Russia is testing rockets that could carry nukes. Does any of that sound like something from the past? It should!

Where will this lead? Will the communist return? Will Russia become a power again? This is an unfortunate side effect of the Bush scheme for the world; it is backfiring on him and thanks to him we are about to be engulfed in another confrontation with Russia. If the war of words go badly, then the face off will ensue.



MemeMarie said...

Good 'ol President G.W. Bush... He DOES seem to be mistaken on a lot of issues, doesn't he?

Agreed, the arms race is about to heat up. Something that used to "worry" me terribly as a younger person, I knew it would become an issue again, call me a doomsday'er, or whatever, but Russia has been a threat before, and messing with them just gives them a "reason". Bush just doesn't ever know when to give up, does he?

CHUQ said...

Meme, ask yourself, who profits from an arms race? Answer that one question and then all Bush's BS will make sense.

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