22 June 2007

Hey Candidates! How About A Plan?

Hamas has overwhelmed Fatah in the Gaza Strip and sent the fragile coalition government in Palestine into a tailspin; the ability of President Abbas to lead Palestine is severely undermined. Stability in Palestine is critical for the entire Middle East and especially for Israel.

The United States must play a diplomatic role in guaranteeing unified statehood for Palestine and security for Israel. The Bush administration has missed multiple opportunities to exercise leadership in this area.

At no point during the recent Democratic and Republican debates did any candidate outline a comprehensive plan to address Palestinian issues.

The conflict in Palestine has serious implications for the United States. The challenges are complex and will not be resolved by military intervention. Constructive diplomatic engagement is the answer. Any serious candidate for the presidency must demonstrate the knowledge, fortitude and leadership to utilize diplomacy in the Middle East and elsewhere as the primary means to peace and security.

I mean, Bush's plan seems to be that all the countries in the region must go through a civil war and then look for democracy.


tumbleweed said...

They are all waiting for someone else to be the first one with a real plan on the issues. It's still real early and none of them seem committed to anything yet.

All I have seen is hints of plans.

CHUQ said...

IMO, the civil war thing is a Bush plan B. That is the best his crackerjack team can come up with.

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