10 June 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

Damn! Sunday already! All the news you cannot possibly use.

1--Some guy set a new hot dog eating record at 59 and half dogs----thinking----Why? Apparently it is important to be known as the biggest PIG on the planet. I pass.

2--Larry Flint has offered $1 million again for any info of sex deviation in Washington. So far no takers. Maybe he shpuld take with the Washington Madame she needs monetary help with her defense. Just a thought.

3--An ABC poll shows that 73% of the people think the country is heading in the wrong direction. And this is the same people that will return the do-nothings to Washington for another 4 yrs. Logic? NONE!

4--Some guy sues the maker of Boost energy drink brcause it gave his a hard on for 4 hrs. His wife/girlfriend sent a thank you note.

5--Pres gets pee-pee whacked on immigration. OK, we are aware that there is pros and cons on immigration. Now I ask those against the bill, what is your answer and please, DO NOT say we need to secure the borders--that is obvious, I want to hear your plan.

6--This is my fav of the week--Al Gore and Fred Thompson are running 3rd in their respective paries as candidates for the nomination. ........thinking.......only in the US could those not running be in the running. I have heard many, many excuses why this is--but the reality is--it is just f*cking stupid!

In closing I would like to ask, Have you heard the one about the guy with TB? And I say agsain, if not please send me your address, I will move there tomorrow!

I exit with a quote:

Do not hate the media, become the media!



MemeMarie said...

Ahh... You knew I would be by for this, didn't you, Professor?

* Hot Dog Record - this is just about the most stupid news of the week! Did you notice that is was not listed under strange or odd news, but regular news? THAT is regular?!?

*Larry Flynt - There must be something they could dig up on President Bush... wait ! No! No one but his wife would want to!

*ABC poll - 73% of the people surveyed probably won't vote anyway, they should make that a consideration before entering them in the polls.

* Boost gave the guy a boost and now he's complaining? hmm...guess it does sound uncomfortable... for him. Funny comment on his wife, Chuq!

* Pres & Immigration bill - love those comments, ha ha! True, put out a plan or shut up about it.

*Gore and Thompson - agreed, who wants to hear about has-beens so often? Maybe it's easy news (WHO did I learn about that from???? hmm???) But seriously, we should be hearing more on the ones who actually have a chance.

TB? WHAT IS TB??? lol lol

CHUQ said...

Thanx meme--it is always a pleasure to read your comments. I found really nice that TB, glutony, erections and phony cANDIDATES are the news that gets reported. Sad ain't it? Yopu would think that a country that sees itself as superior to all others would be more interested in REAL news.

MemeMarie said...

Chuq... I heard something on t.v. this morning that kind of piss*d me off a bit... ready?
Ok, they said, (I paraphrase here)
If people wouldn't have so much interest in all this "celebrity" news (Paris, etc)then Cnn,etc wouldn't carry it". Well... this is my thought - There are those of us who want to hear real news in between this frantic coverage of fluff news, and we stay tuned because we are waiting.. and waiting. What about us? I'm sure if Neilsson sent me a package to ask what I was watching, that they would often find me watching CNN, etc. BUT... I don't watch it for those entertainment news, I am waiting to catch the very little bit of real news that there is. I have even written CNN about this, in the past. All this aside, I have watched (for some strange reason) the Paris story, altho they have taken it to extremes, but I get some sort of joy from watching a spoiled little rich girl get what she deserves. Sick? Probably... BUT.. that's the way it is.. ha ha

CHUQ said...

THe Mass Media gives you and me what they want us to know. So the blame the people is just plain stupid and an outright LIE! They create the interests.

MemeMarie said...

You are right, THEY control what we see. I don't see a poll on their websites saying they want to know if we think their stories are stupid or not. I think they must know that they don't want to hear the real opinions of actual news watchers.

CHUQ said...

Marie, there is a reason most large media news shows are in the entertainment division and if you watch the news you will see that more entertainment news is presented than actual news.

MemeMarie said...

very true, Professor, very true. MONEY TALKS...

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