11 June 2007

Hey! How About Arming Sunni Insurgents?

This is the new plan, to arm Sunnis, and use them to fight al-Qaeda. It worked in Anbar provence. But did it? The news out of al-Anbar is that the coalition of Sunni tribes is falling apart and things may be back to business as usual soon. So to use that as an example of how this works is just plain stupid. But no, we want to arm and finance another group of Sunnis to help fight al-Qaeda. Is this a good idea? What would stop them from using all these resources against US troops?

Questions upon questions. The most important question needs to be asked, are you out of your f*cking minds?" These plans for the "Way Forward" just keep getting more and more frantic and ill-conceived.

When, oh when, will they ever learn? Probably when it is way past. "too f*cking late".



tumbleweed said...

I think we are taking a big gamble in arming the enemy. Given the other blunders in Iraq I don't have too much faith that this will have the desired effect.

CHUQ said...

It will probably work for awhile and then they will bite the hand that feeds them.

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