15 June 2007

It's Legal!

There is alot happening around the world; Gaza is going to crap, Iraq is crap and so on. But listening to the news today on thing caught my attention; Nevada has just made cockfighting illegal. That leaves only Louisiana where the fighting of chickens is legal. Really? Yes, really! Where do you think Popeye's gets the chickens to fry?

This story made me think of the time I was introduced to a thing in South Louisiana called a "chicken drop". This like cockfighting is a gambling thing. What is it? OK, there is a large barn, if you will and a large board, similiar to a football pool board, is painted on the floor. Each square has a number in it, sometimes there is other ways of doing this, but when I was exposed to it this was it. Everyone antes up, you pick a number or such; once the board is full a guy comes in with a chicken, a live chicken, he then shakes it up and squeezes it and then tosses it onto the board. There is losts of cheering, yelling, cussing, etc until the chicken CRAPS! The winning number is where the crap lands.

This is a big party with lots of food, drinks and so on. It was good fun and really enjoyable.


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