20 June 2007

Big News--Bloomberg Defection--Again!

Gov. Bloomberg has announced that he is leaving the Republican Party to become unaffiliated. (thinking...thinking) this sounds familiar, for some reason. Oh yeah! He quit the Democratic Party to become a Repub for the Gov election in NY.

Is this his attempt to clear the way for an independent run for pres? Probably! But come on, do you really want to support a guy that changes afiliation quicker than I change shorts? Is he opening himself up to independents as a possible candidate. You betcha!

Sorry, but I do not like a crayfisher! A change just to gain political support? Is that really what the American people are looking for? I mean, a guy that has no loyalities, except to himself? If you see this as a good thing, then we as a nation are in sad shape.



Ron said...

I don't know much about Bloomberg, but if he starts throwing his money around, we may find out pretty soon.

I'll be interested to see where he's pulling his votes from.

MemeMarie said...

Yeah, I heard about this upong turning on the news this morning. I don't know much about him either, but the truth will come out in the wash, as the old saying goes. I personally don't see how he would think he could pull many votes after changing his mind so many times, it is just too much.

CHUQ said...

He is really a democrat, but with that said, he will not get into the race if McCain is in the lead.

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