22 June 2007

Nader Comes Out Of The Woodwork

Yesterday Nader implied he would running again as a 3rd party candidate. WHY? Hey Ralph, you cannot win! Go back to sleep, I am sure you need a nap by now. OK let us ressurrect thew Green Party, sure spend time and money on a hopeless cause. Onlky thing you do, Ralph, is get people to sign a petition. Nothing has changed in the 100 years you have been running. Let it go, Bubba!

As long as we are talking about it, Bloomberg, if he runs for president, which party will be the lucky one? A third party? What would be the platform? I know, go out and amass a fortune, then you too could be a candidate for pres. This is a ego-centric person who will not like to lose and will bring whatever party he decides to grace, down.

Just wanted to add that the crazy McCain has fallen to 5th spot, tied with Brownback, in the national polls. Poor guy is self-destructing and quickly. Maybe he should let Sponge Bob do his talking for him. Just a thought.

If a third way is really ever gonna work, then by God, give Unity08 your support!



tumbleweed said...

Nader is just mucking up the political waters. Just more rehashed finger pointing without a workable plan that will be endorsed by anyone.

Nader needs a hobby and leave politics to someone who knows what they are talking about.

CHUQ said...

OK Ralphy did his part to make cars and sh*t safer. Thanx, Ralphy, but how about going to the corner and playing with yourself and let those that are serious about change have their day.

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