22 June 2007

Congress And The Environment

The US Senate has approved a bill that would require vehicles sold in the US to burn 30% less fuel by the year 2020.

Fuel efficiency will have to be 35mpg. The measure is part of a wider draft law on conserving energy and promoting alternative fuels.

As reported by the BBC. But come on--let us look at this realistically! It is still away to postpone the implimentation of alt fuel vehicles. This is a stop gap thing to appease the people while leaving the oil companies the resource to continue massive profits. I guess the American peoploe are as uninformed as I think they are.

Come on people--look at this plan--it is a band-aid for a gunshot wound!

If this is truly to help our dependency on oil and the environment, why will it take 13 years to impliment? Why not make it the law by 2010 instead of 2020. This whole thing is total bullsh*t!

The price of gas--everyone is just chomping at the bit because the price of gas has gone down a few cents. Life for the SUV culture is becoming more tolerable. OK ask yourself these questions--Is there a real scarcity of oil or is it being constructed by the oil companies? Why is not the maintance of the refineries done when demand is low? Would running refineries at a reduced rate enhance profits? If you find the answers to these questions, then you have the larger picture--a handful of companies can control the people and at the same time make obscene profits.



tumbleweed said...

I agree that it's a band-aid approach. It's like they want us to believe they are doing something while they really aren't.

They need to start a conservation program of some sort also.

CHUQ said...

If it were not for PAC money we would have had it back in 1975, if they had been serious then we would not be in the pickle we are now.

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