04 April 2007

The Political Cat Fight

Do you recall after the 1st of the year, you kno0w when those guys took control of the Congress? Both sides said they wanting to work with the other to improve the nation. What Happened? These dinks are not working together, they are confronting and battling each other.

Whose fault is it? Depends on which side of the political spectrum you stand when you answer the question. Do you want the Iraq War to continue--then it would be the Democrats fault and if you want the war to end--then the Reubs are the bad guy. If you are like me and do not give a sh*t about either of the two, then you would have to see that it is a combination of both.

First, we elected Bush president, not king! All his rhetoric about the bills before the Congress, on the war, he sounds like a monarch. King George--has a nice ring to it--only if you an idiot!

Now, the Dems--they do not want to compromise--why? They seem to think that they got some mandate from the people--they did not! What they got was an anger vote!

The American people are the losers in this tug-of-war between the Congress and Bush. While they play word games, Americans continue to die; Iraqis continue to die. Where is the problem? This is what you get by putting your faith in wealthy elitists to do your bidding. The voter will get burn everytime.

The American voter, what can I say? Individually, they are a smart and, at times well informed. But let an election come around and they become a collection of dumbasses. The vote with heart; they vote with emotion and they seem to want to be lied to and on a regular basis.

One of my fav quotes is, "Stupidity is the cultivation of ignorance". Well said!



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