12 April 2007

I'm Sooooo Glad!

MSNBC fires Imus, Da baby's daddy is found, Lacrosse players innocent, --now that these pressing probs in society have been settled--all is right with the world!

I am so glad to be living in an age where these are the most important issues that I have to deal with in my life. A heavy sigh of relief and now I may sleep a lot better knowing that these probs have been repaired. I was truly worried that the probs listed might effect the elections and the world situation. I wish I could really express my joy and relief!



MemeMarie said...

Now maybe we can get back to real news. I am so tired of those three topics, as well. Why do they (the news stations) always use this stuff to fill in when there are more important things to deal with? Not that these stories are "boring" or "unimportant", but there is more news out there to report on, and I think everyone thinks it's time to "move on" when it comes to these subjects.

CHUQ said...

Marie, I have talked about this before--the news sections of the majot networks fal under the entertazinment section, therefore fluff is more importan than news. Sad isn't it?

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