12 April 2007

Follow The Leader

On 9/11, the US was attacked by a bunch of dicks from al-Qaeda and then the pres declared war on terror. I remember Mr. Bush's comment, "Bring it on". You gotta love cowboy bravado! Well maybe not. From that frightful day, Bush has done everything in his power to enable and empower the terrorists, esecially al-Qaeda.

Across the world the terrorist organization has gained follower and momentum; he could not have done a better job of making the world more unsafe, even if that had been his plan all along. Attacks are going on daily across the world, most recently in Algeria; let us not forget Madrid, London, Morrocco, on and on. Will this ever curtail? Not for awhile, Bush offered a challenge to the "bad guys" and they seem to have taken him up on it.

My favorite statement right now is that if we leave Iraq the terrorist will follow us here. Scary thought, huh? But why has there not been another attack on the US? Is it our security measures? Not hardly, most of them are a joke! Then what is it?

IMO, the original attack was to get the US to over-react--it did and empowered al-Qaeda beyond its own attempt to expand. Al-Qaeda has become the premier terrorist group in the world. And now thanks to Bush and his WOT, the world has become even more dangerous than in the past. With each one of his lies that comes to light; he proves everything that he is accused of by terroists.

Will there be another attack on the US? Only developements in the next year or so will answer that question. US policy is NOT doing anything to defuse a volitile situation around the world. So, if you are afraid of the future, then the terrorsist are doing their job and doing it well. For FEAR is their best and most effective weapon.



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