10 April 2007

A Daily Rant

Morning, sports fans!

Ok the question of the day is--how many, I am sorry, apologies to celebs have to make before the American people realize--"They do not mean it"?

these ass wipes are trying to save their collective asses by sayinf, "I'm sorry". These people are the racists they say they are not. They think their sh*t does not stink and they can say whatever they like because they are famous. Well, NO!

Mel, meant it! Kramer meant it! Imus meant to say what he said! The crap about trying to be funny is a cop out. Why? It is 2007, and you do not realize that his statements were hurtful and mean? Then he has Alzheimer's and needs to be put in a hoime. Or there is another possibility, IT IS HE'S A F*CKING RACIST! Time to flush that toilet and rid society of the turd!


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