07 April 2007

Another Vet Ranting!

For 2 weeks some Brits were held in Iran. They got out, are healthy and happy to be home. The same with fired attornies; this story will not go away.

What is my problem? There are almost countless injured vets that are being constantly crapped on by their government and yet all is quiet on the media front. The government thinks that its lame attempts to correct the problem will satisfy the people, well it will! Why because the media has assisting in the BS, they move from the Vets care to these fluff with happy endings or political implications. When their focus should be on the Vets and the attempts to placate a voting bloc.

Happy, happy, joy, joy--the Brits are home--too bad that the Iraqi war vets cannot find that much happiness in their situation. I cannot sit by and let this slide from everyone's memory.

Americans are always talking about this group or that group and the injustice they suffer. PAY ATTENTION, Dipshits! There are Americans being systematically crapped on by the government and by YOU!


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