05 April 2007

Now The Crap Begins

The sailors are free! Happy, happy--do the dance of joy. But now we get hour upon hour of nothing--pics of the airport, pics of helicopter, idle chat while waiting for something to occur. Of BTW, the rest of the world just fucking stops while we wait for sights of the captives.

Why not consider leaving the poor SOBs alone, let them go home and get away from the BS.? Media analysis is redundant and boring! Shut up and move on!



Tumbleweed said...

I'm glad they were released, but the details won't be known for a few days.The Iranians make the capture seem more like a few days R&R.

Sounds like this capture could have been a propaganda stunt from the start.IMO.

CHUQ said...

As I have said, the Council controlled the release. Would the Brits have used the guys as a intel gathering mission, yoiu know like what would the response be to an excursion into their waters?

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