05 April 2007

Societal Observations

Alrighty then--it is Easter Weekend and there are a few things that I would like to get off my chest.

CNN has a show of :What would Jesus reaaly Do? Be sure to watch this, for some microcephalic has all the answers of what Jesus intended. Not really! Jesus knows what he intended the rest are just those seeking some attention.

Bad boy Bobby and Whitney have called it quits--is anyone really caring? If you are--please take a few minutes a GET A LIFE!

Yet another pet food maker has recalled its stuff. Some say make your own dog/cat food. But vets say no, you must go to the vet and pay him to tell you what to do. SH*T Vets are getting about as bad and money hungry as a medical doctor. My dog is my life, she has been there since I was injured and has been there thru a lot of crap. I would not do anything to harm her. A dog needs protein, crude fiber. Right now, I am making her food.

Religious types and medical types are a greedy lot! I suggest that all people be wary of these soul-less SOBs. Take my word on it neither are God and definately not god-like, they are users.

NEWSBREK--the freed Brit troops got a colorful bag of parting gifts from Iran. Got to be a slow day in news. Either that or the people are really as tgupid and superficial as I have thought.



tumbleweed said...

Good idea on the dog food. We were feeding our dog some of the recalled dogfood. Pretty scary.

CHUQ said...

I know it is not a long term solution but it will do for now. Hopefully, they will find the culprit and make em pay.

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