04 April 2007

Good News Travels Fast

OH HAPPY DAY! The Iranians are releasing the 15 Brits, now everyone can go back to sleep. At the beginning of a discussion forum that Iam a chartered member, when the whole nuke thing came up; everyone was up in arms saying this, that, whatever. Hopefully, you will remember the strong words from the US, Iran and whoever else could find a mike to speak into.

OK, you remember the harsh words from both sides about nukes. On the forum, there were all kinds of calls for action by the US; I on the other hand said that the Iranian pres was playing to the band that the real power was the Council. But no one would hear that, he was serious about blowing up the world. I can only so much stupidity, before I have to turn and laugh my way out of the room. All the flippin' experts knew what he was up to and he intewnded to do with the nukes; and probably only a handful could find Iran on a map. Experts my ass!

Well CHUQ, what does this have to do with 15 Brits? Good question! All the harsh rhetoric and chest thumping has lead to what? The Council, the real power in Iran and not the pres, decided enough was enough. They saw that the longer it went on the worse Iran appeared on the world stage. Iran has its hands full with sanctions, nukes and such, there was no need for further complications. Two days the Council, IMO, told the Guard and the Pres it was time for it to end. And so it ended!

In a closing shot, the Iranian Pres told the UK not to persecute the troops for anything they may have said.

Everything that I said in the Forum, was restated in the media by well paid experts. Since I am paranoid, LOL, I think my blog is being read.



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