30 April 2007

Daily Observ ation

Here are your important news stories of the morning.

Baldwin is still an ass!

Anna Nicole is still dead and everyone is looking for the key to the cash box.

Gere is still a pucker!

Bridge damaged in SF and will cause traffic delays. Since I do not live there, I could care less.

The cheesy story of the Washington Madame will not go away. Why?

Oh, yeah! There is still a fire in Ga.

These are the lead stories on CNN--you know the extension of th E! channel.

Apparently, US talking with Iran about Iraq is not news. Or the Israel theft of Pal land for a wall. Or a million protesters in Turkey. Or....shit I am tired...you figure it the F*CK out.



MemeMarie said...

extension of the E Channel, very funny, but sadly true in most cases

CHUQ said...

Thanx, I have my moments. lol CNN is really losing all its cred. with the endless fluff reporting, IMO.

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