17 April 2007

Americans And Death

This is a follow-up to my post about the Tech shootings.

Americans seem to have this bizarre need to know why death. Like the VA Tech deaths, they want to know every aspect of the story. Why? But yet something like nthe wars overseas and they accept whatever reason some feeble-minded politician gives them. Why? Why do they want to know why one person did this act, but not why the government would do it?

I guess it is easier for them to imagine one person being sick enough to kill people, but not their government. I have a had time with the mental process of the American people; they are so illogical in their thinking.

I am sure there is a sociologist somewhere that can answer my questions, but will I agree?



MemeMarie said...

I'm wondering if it is the people who want to know the answers to those rediculous questions, or it is the media trying to cover every angle to up their ratings?

CHUQ said...

Personally, I think it is just that is is an easy story that does not take much effort to produce, that is why it has been going on for three days.

MemeMarie said...

four days and counting.. I have heard ENOUGH...

Wow, CNN is going to let us listen live to the Gonzales hearing...at least it is something different.

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