10 April 2007

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

Unless you have been in coma, you have heard about the capture of Brits and now their release. A happy ending.

A few points--their meeting with the press one Brit had to read his comments from a cue card, Why? It was only 13 day ordeal, and these guys and gal have to refresh their memories on what happened. Or another possibility is they are lying. A further plan to incite oiutrage over Iran's actions and a justification.

Now, we say vids of them playing ping pong, eating, playing chess, yukking it up, not one looked as if they were being coerced. They ate not like a prisoner on limiter rations, but rather a casual meal. You would think that if things were not comfortable, they would try to send a message in the vid that would alert the world. I saw none!

Now the cash for story thing. I do ot know of any active military person that is allowed to cash in on experiences during active duty. This smells like a propaganda ploy. I will watch to see how similar the stories are; that will point to the truth.

IMO, what we have here is an attempt to continue building the case for action against Iran. It is coming, just a matter of time.



Update--The UK MofD has had second thoughts about allowing the troops to get cash for story. There has been a huge backlash.

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