25 April 2007

Daily Observation

It is spring and yet another Nicholas Cage movie.

4 yr old boy gets whacked, accidentally, by a football player--he is fine a few stitches but no major damage--but yet it is a major news story.

Beach erosion in Mass. effects wealthy residence--it is a major story also. This effects a handful of wealthy people, but yet it is of major importance to the Am. people.

Baldwin is a jerk--at least Bassinger says so.

Nation wants to fly flags at half mass for the victims of Va, Tech--what about for ALL the victims of Bush?

Cheney is a DICK! Reid is a pussy! And a partridge in a pear tree.

Ok, I have covered the major news stories of the Morning. How many died in Iraq today? How many poor children went without breakfast? How many died in Darfur?

My point is, if you agree with the major stories then you are an idiot. But then I am talking to those who think Reality TV is good viewing and consider wrestling a sport.


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