25 April 2007

You Asked For IT

Last election you asked the Dems to take over control and did you get it? I say NO, we got the same thing we always get--BS.

The Repubs continually attack Dem candidates with they voted for the war and then voted against it. And what do the Dems say? Not much. Why do they not say, "you are correct , we voted for the war based on the lies of this administration and once the truth was known we have tried to end it".

They seldom use this tact--why? The Dems take heat from all sides from the Repubs, they are not fighting back, they instead give us some new slogan to mull over. What game are they playing in Washington? oh sorry--it is politics!

The Dems are no better than the Repubs, for all their worthless promises, that they knew would not fly, but made good campaigning, they are after all--politicians and as such they have accomplished nothing other than fundraising.

You asked for it--you got it--another do nothing group. Too bad the American voter NEVER learns anything.


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