03 April 2007

And Yet Another Rant

A few more things I feel I need to comment on in this society.

The Ab-Lounger(TM) ad the woman sys that it got rid of her pot gut--cool and apparently it dyed her hair blonde at the same time. Is Blonde the color of skinny? If so I did not get that memo.

I noticed the other day in the grocery store, while looking for sanitary wipes that apparently only brunettes need a douche. Every ad for the product in the store had a brunette on it. That is good hygiene info to know.

I guess I am just a soul-less SOB! An escaped prisoner in Ohio--who cares? A car wreck in Tenn--who cares? I mean if I lived in the vincinity it might be revelent, but it is not national newsworthy. I suggest that CNN,FOX, et al allow the local stations to do their duty to the local public and that they stick to news that effects the world and the nation. Just my thought!

Is Beyounc e married? Do you really give a sh*t? If you do, please move on from my blog I do not need the viewership that bad.

Peace! Out!


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