01 January 2007

Do Not Americans


I have watched the hostilities in the Middle East for years, most recently, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then Gaza and the to Lebanon. I was glued to my television for at least 12 hours a day looking for news and information, especially CNN, who I thought were the more reliable news media. I was wrong! I found all reporting by the American media to be unbalanced, at best, and always in Israel’s favor. CNN had very few Arab experts and virtual no Lebanese or Palestinian experts, but put forth a wealth of American Middle East experts and a bunch of Israeli. When they finally interviewed an Arabic expert they would be cut short if any criticism of Israel was offered. This upset me for CNN even has an Arab affairs editor, MS Nasr, who got very little air time. The only Arab expert given any in depth coverage was some ex-jihadist (CNN term not mine) hawking his new book on “radical Islamists”. I found the man boorish and just another agent of the Bush Administration.

Since I am very interested in the Middle East, I had to go to International sources to get the news and coupled that with the small amount of news available in the US, so that I could be better informed.

Unfortunately, most Americans depend on CNN, FOX, ABC, MSNBC and the like of the news and opinions. Because of this they are understandably ignorant on affairs relating to the Middle East. They these types of organizations to form their opinions for them, especially when it involves Arabs, Islam or the Middle East. I regret that my countrymen allow these self-serving outlets form their opinions and that they (Americans) are not ambitious enough to get all the news and form their own opinions.

For example, I do a lot of posting on political discussion forums and at the height of the war in Lebanon, everyone had an opinion about Hezbollah, the war, Israel, etc. But once the ceasefire went into effect and the area slid from the headlines, there are very few posts on the Middle East. So I say that without the American national media, most Americans have no opinion of their own; they prefer to let someone else do the thinking for them.

For these reason, I say to my Lebanese, Palestinian and Arab comrades, please do not hate the American people, for they live in a world of ignorance. If you must hate--Hate the American media for not giving the complete story and news.



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