13 January 2007

A Middle East Peace?

Not if the US has any say! Rice is making another trip to the area to kick start the peace process. Anyone believing this please let me sell you some land in Florida.

Regardless what the reason, the US refused to deal with an elected government, because they did not agree with the position of the leaders. I am sorry, but if the majority of the people want them to lead, who are you to say no?

Anyway back to the sub--The US is giving aid, monetary and ordinance, to the Fatah faction. It is trying to give them the high ground in the conflict. If peace is a priority, why not pressure Israel to come to the table? Instead the Us is giving weapons to the Fatah which whenn talks break down may be used against Israel, thus giving Israel another green light to destroy Palestinains.

The US DOES NOT want peace! If it was truly concerned it would "step up" and demand ALL factions talk or lose any and all aid. Money talks--Bullshit walks!


tumbleweed said...

I don't look for much progress to come from sending Rice to find a solution. Israel claims to want peace yet they are planning for more construction on the West Bank that will just start the conflict up all over again.

CHUQ said...

THe US is sticking to the "Road Map", which was a fairly good document but I think the "Peace Initiative" offered by the Arab League is a better and more equal document.

The construction thing will become a rallying point for those firing the Qassam rockets and that will make Israel react and ....here we go again.

I fluch the "Road Map" and start from scratch, there is common ground, the players know this but for some reason choose to ignore it.

CHUQ said...

Tumble, Again thanx for visiting here I appreciate your input.

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