12 January 2007

A Daily Rant


The link above is a story about how some fear that Bush has intentions to widening the war in Iraq to include Syria and Iran. As I have said, there seems to be a lot of pressure on Iran, especially, and it appears to be there with the hope that Iran will make an ill-advised move, which would give the US an opening and it can be justified.

onsider, if you will, all the occurances deaaling with Iran. IMO, the ducks are beginning to line up in a row and all that needs now, is that mistake by Iran.



Tumbleweed said...

We seem to be giving Iran enough reasons to react. The battle group in the Persian Gulf, raiding their embassy, along with official statements all suggest we are itching for a fight.

CHUQ said...

Yes and it keeps growing. There is a story about fighting Iranian troops in Iraq, arresting diplomats that the Iraqi FM says were invited and the list grows.

Now my question is if there is not enough communication between Iraqi and US on diplomats and such how will a surge with Iraqi assistence be effective?

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