12 January 2007

Yet Another Rant!

For months I had posted on a couple of discussion forums about the situation developing in Somalia; it was pretty much ignored, but I kept posting about the situation. Once someone fired a shot across the border then a new threead appeared and a lot of people had an opinion.

As I have said in the past, the American people have no opinion until the news media tells them they have an opinion. The thing is a lotof the opinions defended what had happened. That was ok, but not one of them had enough inclination to read up on what the developements were that lead to the attack; all they know is whaT CNN or FOX tells them. I refuse to be that flippin' lazy or that flippin' uninformed.



Tumbleweed said...

I agree CHUQ. When researching the different situations overseas, I always check foreign sources for a different outlook on the situation.

CHUQ said...

I spend a lot of time on a ME news ticker which is updated every 5 min. My thoiughts are that the people in the area have got to have a better grip on the news than Dan Rather.

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