30 December 2006

Somalia--Here We Go--Again!

Fir months I have been posting on various forums that the Somalia situation would become a war--Again! I have been vindicated--Thank you Ethiopia.

A little background--since the US pulled out in 1994, the country never has been very stable. the Islamic Courts had assumed what appeared to be power in the country against the warlords and the US backed BS government. Since then the IC have been accused of havinf al-Qaeda connection and to be fomenting a radical Islamist position. All this made the US and her butt boy allies worry; they did not want to see the Horn of Africa in the clutches of Radical Islamists.

All the while the US was arming and training the Ethiopian army for this day. There was a unit of troops from Guam in the country helping the Ethiopian army train for this action.

Now the Ethiopians havce crossed the border and is engaging the forces in Somalia. It appears to be a easy walk to the capital. Do not get over confident for Baghdad fell rather easily, also.

THe IC has taken to ground around the capital and an insurgency is about to begin. It will not be pretty; if you recall in the '90's it was a shit hole and will be again. The Us is using a proxy to fight for the control of Somalia anf that proxy is fighting for the intersts of the multinational corps. The Horn of Africa cannot fall to the bad guys--profits would be disrupted.

I realize this is a short history lesson, but a little research will expose this conflict for what it is--domination and imperialism.

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