25 January 2007

An Observation For 25/01/07

An annoucement yesterday that Kerry would not seek the democratic nomination for pres. May I see a show of hands of those who did not see this coming.

Kerry is a political hack--IMO, he was never in the consideration for the nomination; his failed attempt last time showed the demos the way forward. He just does not have the support in the back rooms for a run at the nomination. Hopefully, you all realize that the process depends as much on backroom manuevering as in the primaries.

The Demos are looking for fresh leadership and will see how the picture looks after a few primaries. Let us not leave out the Repubs from the backroom manuevering. They also will be looking to put the best face forward, and I mean that literally and physically.

The entire process will be fun to watch and analyze--onward and upward!



tumbleweed said...

I wrote Kerry off a long time ago. He had his chance, now it's time to move on.

As for the Republicans, well,that seems to be whjere Bush gets most of his support, so if this troop surge results in a high death toll for our troops, or it fails, they are dead in the water.IMO.

CHUQ said...

It looks to me that the Repubs are conceding defeat right now and will sit back and let the Dems shoot themselves in the butt.

CHUQ said...

Oh yeah, thanx Tumble, I do appreciate your input, please feel free to mention anything you would like even if it is a criticsm.

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