11 January 2007

An Iranian War?

Recently in an entry in my Blog I told how I thought the war with Iran would begin. One of my points was that the US had cut a deal with the Saudis and that they would after the 1st, start by increase in oil production and then would slash prices; this in turn would force the Iranians to make adjustments in their production. Well today, the Saudis said they will be increasing production. One part of my prediction has come true.

Another form of pressure on Iran will be the harassment of diplomats, so far this year 2 separate occassions the US has raided and detained Iranians. Another nail in the coffin.



Tumbleweed said...

The increase in production comes at a strange time because the price of oil seems to be dropping.

I suspect an OPEC meeting is in order.

CHUQ said...

I believe OPEC is considering a meeting in Febto take up the situation. But as we have seen in the past, each OPEC country does as it sees fit, if it does not agree with the consensus.

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