09 January 2007

No Exit From Iraq


According to Bush, you are fighting and dying in a war on terror. This statement is spread around like bad peanut butter to all the national media sources. But what does that really mean? Ever since 9/11 Bush has invaded two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, all in the name of America’s security. Is America more secure because of these invasions? NO! Because of his actions the Middle East is about as unstable as it has ever been. Your participation in these actions is not for security; you are being used as disposable tools in a failed foreign policy--a policy that no one in authority will admit is failing and failing badly. Who pays for this? You and your family pay with pain and suffering.

Since my war, Vietnam, the US has spent billions on hi-tech weaponry and massive tactical sessions that will prevent the US from ever experiencing Vietnam again. A waste--for all that time and money and nothing was learned--Washington is making the same mistakes as it did in Vietnam. What are those mistakes? No amount of hi-tech will beat a dedicated guerilla force.

Back to the war on terror, the present strategy is not working and the longer we remain on Iraqi soil the stronger and more intense the insurgency will become. The hi-tech solution did not work in Vietnam and is not working in Iraq, it anything the hi-tech solution is less effective in Iraq. You are fighting an invisible enemy while you, on the other hand, are a high profile. Who do you think will win that confrontation? You can prevail and the price will be more deaths and injuries.

Bush and his posse, spend all their waking hours trying to convince the American people that the war he started is winnable and he is not dragging the US into a long, costly, in lives and money, war that cannot be won. The only effect it will have is to devastate American families with the loss of their loved ones.

At the writing of this, there is no exit strategy from Iraq--as with Vietnam deaths will rise--injuries will rise--and the American soldier will be tasked with trying to do an impossible feat--win the war on terror through the actions in Iraq.


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Tumbleweed said...

Every thing Bush does is in the name of terror. He has tried to convince us they are on their way here. That may be so but it's our governments failure that will allow them entry into our country. Our boarders aren't secure so there is very little deterent to keep them out.

Our current Iraq policy is stay the course.IMO.

There will be not declared victory in Iraq. It's simply how long we have to stay to save face, if even that is possible.

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