16 January 2007

Another Rant

I have been playing the political exchange for a long time and for the most part, the exchanges have been very good, but on these forums I have noticed that the more "conservs", for lack of a better word, you have the more personal attacks you have. Most are unwarranted because it is usually an ideological difference and for some reason, they cannot have people disagreeing with them on anything. Personally, I do not care about a personal attack, because I refuse to let myself fall into the mindless dribble of those without respect. I disagree with a lot of people on the topics, but I will respect their opinion and debate them if I disagree. As far as the personal stuff, I will try to ignore it and keep my cool.

Of course, you also have those who do not attack personally but rather, goad you into poppin' off with the hope someone will whack the bad guys pee-pee. And one of favs are those who make a statement and when ask to provide a link or such, say, "you do not need a link, it is just so". Another, mindless way of saying "I am right, you are wrong".

In other words, these types to me are "trolls" and presnt nothing of substance. I understand forum admin would like to have varying points of view and that is an excellent way of looking at the whole discussion thing, but not everyone is there to discuss, but rather to attack. I have seen good posters leave forums because of mindless crap and that is sad because those posters usually were the ones with very good points and info.

Just my thoughts.

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