03 January 2007

Arab Support For Democracy


The support for Iraqi democracy and democracy in general is coming from the nations of the Gulf region. They have voiced a genuine(?) support for those fighting the insurgents and fighting for a base for democracy, which until now, was unexpected. Your would think that the presence of non-Islamic troops on Arabic soil would be a point of contention. Right? And in fact, these states are proposing a plan for support. The points of this plan are:

1--Strengthen and support Iraqi security forces.

2--Support for the Iraqi government in its efforts to disarm militias.

3--Apply maximum pressure on the regions powers to stop undermining security in Iraq.

4--Help mobilize the people to oppose extremists.

5--Be collaborative with all US-Iraqi endeavors.

All the proposals above sound good and promising coming from other Arab states, right? DO NOT get too excited the support offered is self-serving. Why? They are afraid if the US pulls out of Iraq, then the sectarian violence will spill over into their countries. So in essence, they Want YOU to fight and possibly die in Iraq to protect them from any future danger. By them, I am referring to the authoritarian regimes, the sultanates and emirates in the Middle East. They want YOU to protect their life and power.

Many have said that the Iraqi war is about oil, that is true, maybe not Iraqi oil, but the flow of oil in the region. If this sectarian violence spills over into the other countries then corporations like Exxon, Shell, etc. will be in trouble. So it boils down to the simple fact that YOU are fighting and dying for, not the US, but rather, Exxon.

Just ask yourself why was Iraq so important for two Bushes to invade?


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tumbleweed said...

Desert Storm was about Kuwait and oil. IMO. The first gulf war was about Saddam attacking his neighbors and grabbing their oil fields, which I supported.

The Iraq war is only about the oil.I don't support this one.

The surrounding countries are like a pack of wolves standing over a wounded animal.They will let the U.S. do the grunt work while they set back and plan their moves.

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