20 January 2007

Another Observation

Recently, a couple of kids were found that had been abducted, one of them for 4 yrs the other 4 days. The kids are reunited with their families and the perp is behind bars and being charged with multiple offense. The kids are safe, the perp is dodging guys in lock up and yet the srtory continues and continues....WHY? It has a somewhat happy ending and I am sure the kids would like to get on with their lives and stay away from the multitude of assholees with microphones and cameras.

A small suggestion--MOVE ON! Let the people return to a somewhat normal life, please, MOVE ON!



tumbleweed said...

I agree they need to move on, but the media is having a feeding frenzy with this story. Thankfully, the parents don't seem to be parading then around in front of microphones, although they seem to be making the usual media tours.

CHUQ said...

This will continue until something new catches their fancy. It is sad. And now they have a new story about the guy arrested and his paper interview. That should be good for a couple of weeks.

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