31 January 2007

Report On Clusters

Well the news now is on the report by the US government about the posssibility that Israel misused cluster bombs that they got from the US. Ok, why is it out now? Back in November 2006 the UN issue the same report, it told that the last three days before the end of the Lebanon excusion by Israel, they carpet bombed S, Lebanon with clusters, making the area almost unliveable or unworkable. Most of you could hear about this report because the Lebanese minister got assassinated on the very day the report was issued; this of course, pushed this story to the backburner. The assassination was very opportune for the Israelis.

But now the US is making the very same accusations. Why? Why is NOW the time for this to be annouced? They say that timing is everything in politics. What is it about today that makes this story preferrable?

Could it be that the Olmert government is facing a vote of no comfidence and the US wants to add fuel to the fire, with the hopes of a new government they would be dealing with in the future?

Just as the assasination was a coincidence that happen the very day of the damning UN report, but unfortunately, I do not believe in coincidences, especially in politics. Again--timing is everything.


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