29 January 2007

A Study

Recently, I did a study about Cheney's visit to Saudi mand said that it was to get assurances from them to help with Iran. He got them! A recent report talks about the oil revenue, at present rate for Iran would decrease by 2015. I then said that the Saudi would most likely raise production and slash prices in an attempt to get Iran to adjust its program.

Merry Christmas, CHUQ--the Saudis have increased production and will hold the price of $50 a barrel. Now I wait for Iran to make my predicted bone-head move to justify an action agaionst them by the US.

The US is moving a 2nd carrier group into the Gulf. WHY? They too are waiting for the shoe to drop and will be armed to the teeth. With all the political movement, an edict to kill Iranians in Iraq and the harrassment of "diplomats" in Iraq and The US Sunni friends in the area; the wait may not be as long as most think.


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