27 January 2007

What Goes On Here?

What Is Going On?

We all know of the "surge" that the Bush boyz want. We know that it is suppose to be a Maliki plan to clean up Baghdad. Maliki has said that, in response to the growing rate of violence, no "outlaw" will be safe. I am guessing he is speaking of the insurgents and the militias. If so I would like someone to explain what is going on.

Sadr's guys returned recently to the government, who are the cornerstone of Maliki's power base, this leads to the conclusion that the plan as stated is acceptable to the leadership of Sadr's guys. If so, the Madhi Army could be considered an "outlaw". With that, is Sadr and his gang willing to sacrifice the Army on the alter of Iraqi democracy? If so, it would be similar to the sacrifice of the SA in 1934.

Another question pops to mind, is this plan winning support from Sadr's bloc? If so, I would be extremely leary of this plan and their intentions. Or, what was Sadr promised to get his parlimentary support?

Two hypothesis come to mind. 1) It is all a pile of fecal matter designed to confuse and misinform the US public, in an attempt to garner support for the Bush plan. 2) Maliki and Sadr have worked up a deal on the course of Iraq and the US is just there to impliment the plan.

No matter your stance on the war in Iraq, you need to ask yourself, What is going on? Me thinks it is not going to be advantageous for the US.



tumbleweed said...

There is so much corruption, double talk, back stabbing, and conflicting statement coming from the Iraqi government, it hard to wade through the BS, IMO.Who knows what is going on for sure?

Maliki has got to be one of the biggest double talkers in Iraq.Sometimes it's hard to tell what who's side he is on. Combine that with his reluctance to make tough decisions and what I see is a leader that isn't worth a damn.IMO.

CHUQ said...

But he is the perfect leader for the US, he will be the cause of any more failures and he says yes, just to keep his position. And that is the same reason he is perfect for the Shi'a bloc.

neda said...

The thing about maliki is that he can not give up sadr’s support, and it keeps the fire fueled and makes the sunni population to hate the shiite government.
I really think that sunnis would start to hate the Shiite government any way, just like they hated sadam before.
But I think the best is that sadr is arrested, and any other person who tries to get a power out of the government. And if maliki can not appreciate this fact, he is not the right person to be iraq’s prime minister.
And I’m saying this not because I am worried about my country –which of course I am but it’s not because of that- US and iraqies must control the boundaries of both iran and Syria strictly instead of thinking start a new war.

neda said...

I really think that sunnis would start to hate the Shiite government any way, just like they hated sadam before.

by that "they" I mean shiite.

CHUQ said...

Hi neda and thanx for stopping by--I appreciate the support. Maliki is a "stooge" of the US, he was chosen to be the man, but I say that he will not be there in '08, the US will have to replace him. If he is smart he will see this and at least attempt to find a way to reconciliation.

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