20 January 2007

AN Update!!

Since I wrote the previous piece on the possible fate of al-Sadr, of course it is a personal opinion based on what facts I have from the region.

Anyway--recently one of Sadr's closest friends was arrested by US forces and the most influential Shi'a cleric, Sistani has come out in favor of the "surge" and on the side of Maliki. This is a superb tactic, if you are going to go after Sadr--that is chip away at the perimeter until you expose the center and then act. I foresee an "unfortunate" accident for Sadr.


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tumbleweed said...

Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr should have been taken out a long time ago.IMO. If they can continue to hold one of his top aides, I think that's great.Now they need to go after the rest of the insurgents in Sadr City.

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