31 January 2007

Anti-War Resolution

Resolutions Against The Troop Build-up In Iraq

By now, almost all Americans, except those under rocks, know about the 20,000+ troops to be sent to Iraq soon. And now the Dems have began their tour of duty in the Congress by passing a resolution against such build-up. Bravo for them right? Not hardly!

They are wasting time and money with their resolution. Why, you ask? It is non-binding. That means it is more worthless than used toilt paper. When why bother? A very good question, with no good answer. Only thing I can think of is that it makes the Dems look like they are actually geting stuff done. They promised much in the first hundred hours and they are scrambling to make it appear they are making good on their lame promises.

So are the Dems actually working? NO, IMO, they are travelling on my dime. they make trips to access the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the like. Pretty much a free trip aboard and a couple of good photo-ops and that is about it. What they uncover has been known for a long time and they will just make some half-hearted comment and will then go back to business as usual in Washington. The Dems are doing all they can to keep their message in front of the media, thus it stays in front of the people. Why? The Presidential election! It is imperative that they (Dems) win the White House in 2008. Everything they do is for that end, not what is best for the people they represent.

If Americans want real change, then they should demand it! Letting your vote do your talking for you, is naive and ignorant. Take back the country! Make it truly a country governed by the people.


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