13 January 2007

Something To Watch

For at least 2 months I have been watching the occurances between the US and Iran. Now it is not so much a news story because sanctions have been put into place and it is not worthy until they try the nuke thing again. Yeah--I really care about Beck coming to America, that alone should promote world peace.

Anyway back to the subject--On two separate occassions the US has detained Iranians, Iraqis say theu were diplomats, but the US says different. Now the military sources are saying there are Iranians fighting in Iraq. I cannot wait to see what new occurances will happen.

Do I believe any of these stories, well ask yourself has the US government ever lied to the American people to go to war? Have they ever misled Congress or the World?

My opinion? It is just setting the stage for whatever the Administration is planning. This will not happen overnight, but they seem to be painstakingly setting the stage for a reaction to something that Iran may do. The plans are there and are on hold, waiting for the proper timing.


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