23 January 2007

Negativity Begins Early

Just the other day a news release stated that Obama attended an Islamic fundamentalist school while living in Indonesia. It is said to be given out by some on the Clinton staff. Of course, it was enied and when checked out the school in mention was a public school open to all children. So the story was apparently untrue, but the thought has been put into the mix now and since the political season has started about a year early, so has the negativity of the US political institution.

How many more will come out? Is how negative will the upcoming political season be? Is this necessary? Well, no--but apparently acceptable. What a pathetic bunch of people and yet the American people see no problem or if they see it, does not matter, it is all part of the game played by the rich and we are just spectators, for the most part.


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tumbleweed said...

I don't believe Clinton was behind the attack, any more than I think Obama has terrorist connections or radical beliefs. It's nothing more than mis-information, in an attempt to smear someone's character. I'm more concerned with his experience, or any of the canidates abilty to run the country. I could care less where they went to school when they were kids.This goes to show how simple minded people can be.

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