22 January 2007

National Strategy For Victory


I would hope that my follow Americans would know what is in this statement seei ng how we are asking our young to fight and die for its implimentation. But then again, I have been disappointed before it what the American people actually know. To bring those unaware of what this document is, let me refresh memories. The National Strategy For Victpry In Iraq, is a document or plan , if you will, for the liberation of Iraq. It consists of 8 strategic pillars, which was some lame attempt to equate it with the pillars of the Islamic faith. These pillars are:

1) Defeat the terrorists and neutralize the insurgency.

2) Transition Iraq to security self-reliance

3) Help Iraqis forge a national compact for democratic government

4) Help Iraq build government capacity and provide essential services

5) Help Iraq strengthen its economy

6) Help Iraq strengthen the rule of law and promote civil rights

7) Increase international support for Iraq

8) Strengthen public understanding of coalition efforts and public isolation of the insurgents.

Now take a good look at the pillars of this plan. Do you see any of it at present that could be considered a success? IMO, pillar 5 is the only one that could be said to show some success. The US and the Iraqi government have been pulling all punches to get the international community to invest in Iraq and its future. This is a limited success, if one at all. Most of the international community see the situation in Iraq as too viotile for any serious investment. I am sure that there are those waiting in the wings for a more secure Iraq and then swoop in and begin the pillaging of the country. Pillar 7 could be viewed by some as a limited success, but not by me, so far. 5 and 7 are pretty much tied together.

Unfortunately, the other five pillars are , at best, a failure and have given more grief than optimism. The biggest problem I see is, none of the so-called proposals on the table now will do much to turn these failures into successes.

The real bad news is that the Iraqi people are in for more of the same security problems and possibly a much greater atmosphere of violence.



tumbleweed said...

All I see is a list of wishful thinking. Although the list seems to be our objective, it also seems to be a list of our failures.That might have been a list that was drawn up at the start of the war, but it doesn't seem to be what took place as a result of our invasion.

CHUQ said...

Even the big nay-sayer that I am , I could not have predicted that big of a failure in stated policy. My hat is off to them.

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