20 January 2007

What Of al-Sadr?

Will al-Sadr Become A Target?

Just as the Israel have their targeted assassinations, so should the US, seems to be gaining popularity. The thought is that he you silence him, then security could be established, at least in Shi'a areas. With hi9s death the shi'a resistence would have no leader and thusly a tranquility could be established.

IMO, I do not think so! The militias have their own leaders; al-Sadr is little more than their rallying point; their public face, if you will. His death would put a cramp in their style, for awhile, but not eliminate. If anything, the Shi'a are big on martyrs and he would become just that and then a rallying point for a more intense insurgency. Maybe not immediately, but eventually, he would become more influential in death than he has been in life.

The way all are talking in Washington, it seems to be a given, at least in my opinion, that he will be neutralized. it seems to sound like it will be a priority. Will it be an assassination? Depends on how you define the word. I am sure when it occurs there will be some reasonable explanation that has been already decided on by the Boyz in Washington. No One will call it an assassination--but dead is dead.

Since the media has painted him as such a bloodthirsty individual, his death will be widely accepted as a necessity for the Bush "way forward" to be realized.

Only time will tell if I am correct--I am not ruling out some political manuvering to stop this from happening, but since he is an "agent" for Iran--his death will be the best solution for those in the Administration.


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