22 January 2007

A New Bitch

Is not the pres. election process long enough as it is now? But wait! There will be political debates in NH starting April of this year. Why? Is there nothing else worth carry on the news? By the time elections do get here, the people will be itching to vote and get it over with as soon as poseible.

Is this necessary? NO! Is it profitable? YES! Will it be a pain in the ass? YES!

Why? Because......


tumbleweed said...

For me the debates are more important than all these personal appearances and photo-ops.It's a chance to find out just where everyone stands on the issues, and to offer their ideas on which direction they feel we should go. Up till now all I see are generalizations, but in the debates, they have to reveal the meat and potatoes of their plan.

I agree though, it's too early to be having debates. The first of next year is plenty soon enough for me.

CHUQ said...

I would prefer that the debatees have NO knowledge of what is to be asked; I do not like the fact that they prepare for the exchange. I would prefer a more spantaneous response than a canned one.

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