01 May 2008

What To Do With The Wright Stuff?

In March Rev. Wright and a few politically motivated sound bites came out about his sermons , Obama made a speech on race. A very good speech. The He, Obama, made a bad choice of words and the press went nuts about a bitter comment, then Rev. wright showed up again and did a improv for the NAACP and the National Press. Obama then had to distance himself from his former pastor; he distance himself from him, he condemned his words and actions, he was shcoked and appalled at his words; basically Obama threw his ex-mentor under the bus.

The press should be pleased at this turn, but they now say it was not soon enough or harsh enough. Now I personally think it is over. He has said that he is noit the person that Obama knew in the past and does not speak for him.

About the only thing that Obama can do now, to get the media to move on to the issues, is hire a hit man. Short of that, the media will stoke this fire until it has no more fuel. In the mean time, the voter is being played like a CHEAP DRUM! That is right, PLAYED!

There is more! What about the white ministers that condemned, even damned, the US for allowing abortions? Or what about the white minister that supports McCain that has belittled the Catholic church calling everything but the anti-christ? Why are not these people in the news? Is it a racial thing? You decide.

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