06 May 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

My monthly feature of scoring how our dynamite US Congress is doing continues. They spent more time in hearings than on anything of substance, but I found a few issues that they weighed in on.

So far in 2008, here is how I see the Congress.

Jan--1 step backwards
Feb--No step--a stand still
Mar--2 steps backwards

And for the rating for the month of April 2008.

Colombia Free Trade Agreement--a no step--a horrible agreement and they tried to stop it.

Vote to commend wrestler Rick Flair--backwards

Offer new media bill--forward

21st century GI Bill--forward

Student loan bill--no step--did not go far enough, but is a start.

Finally they are moving forward, but fast enough, the rating for the month is 1 step forward. A side note, I am being extremely lenient on them.

We will see how they do in the coming months. So far for the year they are still moving backwards as they did last. They are not delivering on the promises of 2007.

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