13 May 2008

Divisions In The Democratic Party

Clinton is still pushing the fact that she can still win the nomination of the party. But she and here entourage are about the only ones that see that possibility. She is not helping party by some of her actions and statements. I regret that, she still appears desperate to me. She is still bad mouthing her opponent, but it is a bit more subdued than before. She is hammering that wedge between her supporters and those of Obama, to the point that it could make a difference in the general election.

Recent the toss of the racial crap into the mix again, is not helping. Personally, the latest racial "slur" was in very poor taste. We are talking about a supposed leader of the Democratic Party, using race as an issue against a fellow Democrat. That right there should be unforgiving.

All the goodwill the Clintons had gained in the Black community is quickly being eroded away and if could very well effect the outcome of the election in November.

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